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Lead-Based Paint has been federally banned for residential use only (not commercial) since 1978. It is estimated that over 75% of pre-1978 dwellings contain lead paint. The older the home the more likely. However, keep in mind that roughly 3% of dwellings built after 1978 also contain Lead-Based Paint!

All evaluations and testing for lead-based paint hazards must be conducted by a certified lead inspector or risk assessor trained as per N.J.A.C 8:62. otherwise, fines may be levied and reports & certificates rendered invalid!

David Polo - Lead Inspector & Risk Assessor
David J. Polo


Permit ID# 038881

Permit ID# 038881

Which inspection(s) below do you need???

• NJ LEAD PAINT LAW (LEAD-SAFE CERTIFICATE FOR RENTALS - PL 2021, c. 182) requires periodic inspections for Lead-based paint hazards in single and multi-family dwellings. All 1978 or earlier built rental dwellings must be inspected by 7/22/2024 OR upon tenant turnover/rental (whichever is earlier)! Lead-Safe certificates are valid for 2 years from issuance.

• LEAD DUST WIPE SAMPLING especially for the children, is always recommended since ingesting or inhaling lead dust is the #1 cause of Elevated Blood Levels (EBL) in children! Sampling is recommended for window sills and floors especially in children's bedrooms, all play areas, kitchen, etc. All samples will be collected as per HUD guidelines and by a certified Lead Inspector then shipped to an accredited lab for analysis. You will then receive your report including the lab analysis and lead levels present at the time of collection.

• RISK ASSESSMENT answers the questions:

Where is the lead? Is it a hazard? What are the solutions?

A Risk Assessment is looking for current dust, soil, paint and perhaps water hazards that are present on the day of the assessment. We will provide you with lab results of all of the sampling and a report recommending to you which areas are unsafe and how to make your home free of your lead hazards!

• LEAD INSPECTION answers the questions:

Do I have lead? Where is it? What is the concentration of it?

A lead inspection is a surface by surface investigation (typically with an XRF gun) of many surfaces to determine the presence and levels of lead-based paint/coatings including a report. Lead-based coatings are any surface coating equal to or greater than 1.0 milligrams per centimeter or in excess of 0.5% by weight. This inspection does NOT tell you which coat of paint contains lead or if it is presently a hazard. It does tell you where it is and the concentration level of that lead.

Lead- Hazard Free means the current absence of exposure to lead-contaminated dust, soil, water or paint that is “deteriorated” OR present that could result in adverse health effects.

Lead-Free means having NO lead based coatings on any surfaces tested. This does NOT necessarily mean the location is lead-free, only the surfaces that are tested are presently lead-free.

Lead in water should not exceed 15 PPB in homes or 10 PPB in schools.

No lead levels are “safe” for anyone, especially children. Children under 6 years of age should test below 5 micrograms per deciliter (NJ standard) or 3.5 (EPA standard). A dwelling with a child’s Elevated Blood Level of 20 micro/dl or repeatedly at 15 micro/dl or above should have an EBL Investigation performed or authorized by the Department of Health and medical intervention ASAP.


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David J. Polo is a fully licensed #24GI00023700, insured and bonded New Jersey Home Inspector. David Polo has been providing professional and personalized service for over 30+ years in the Home Inspection and building industry, has trained and mentored over one dozen NJ Home Inspectors, is a member of NACHI #03052007, ALPHI, graduate of The Inspection Experts school in Boca Raton, Florida #3015, HUD Housing Specialist #M61915, Licensed Radon Technician #10903, Mold Certified #PLP10683, Certified Swimming Pool Inspector #CPO-457213, State and EPA Certified Asbestos Building Inspector #45008, Certified Lead Evaluation Contractor #00746E, Certified Lead Inspector & Risk Assessor Permit ID #038881.


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I was very pleased with your service, the professionalism and thoroughness of your inspections. I’d be happy to serve as a reference for you.

Monica F. - Howell

Hi Dave,
Thanks for getting this over to us so quickly. Really appreciate your candidness during the inspection, talking through all of the details helped a lot to put things in perspective and to really understand what we need to keep an eye on. The formal report looks great too, photos are helping a lot (and arrows, what a concept! nice & easy to see what you want us to see). If we have any follow-up questions we'll be sure to let you know, but for now just wanted to say thanks again for everything, and if you're looking for reviews anywhere, we'll happily write something up.

Paul - Randolph, NJ

Dave Polo did a tank scan and asbestos inspection on a property for us. In addition to being professional and personable, Dave was very responsive and provided reports within 2 days and final lab results within the week. I'll recommend him to other clients.


Thanks so much, David! It was great meeting you in-person. Shahid really benefited from your experience. Appreciate the quick turnaround as usual :)

Inga R. - Verona

Thank you for your assistance on Wednesday, your demeanor, posture, professionalism and knowledge was exactly what the doctor ordered. (No pun intended). LOL When I received your detailed reports I was again impressed by what I received. Continue to be a source of inspiration, help, guidance and support to all homeowners during this very important part of the home buying process.

Dr. C

It was a pleasure meeting you.We were extremely pleased with your inspection. Was by far the best one we have had. Very thorough and explained everything.. Will definitely refer you to friends and family if they need a house inspection.

Thank You,
Terry & Jennifer R. - Parsippany

We were very happy with your services. Sorry to be so broad in my comments but we have no complaints. We would definitely recommend you and or use your services again.

John M. - Verona

Dave Polo is very professional and courteous. His experience coupled with a detailed inspection revealed many hidden facts about my inspected property. I would definitely recommend Dave Polo to any friends and relatives.

Thank you
Gianni D. - Independence Twp.

Hey David, I just wanted to say thanks for everything today. There was stuff I would have never looked for in a thousand years that you pointed out today. I appreciate you pointing things out and explaining everything to me. If anyone I know ever goes through the home buying process, I'll be sure to give them your information. Thanks again.

Anthony - Woodbridge

Many thanks for your time in coming by to inspect our home. While the process itself was short, the peace of mind you've given my family runs long and is much appreciated. Nothing but good things to say regarding all aspects of your business.

Mark, Carolyn and AJ R. - Riverdale

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